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We offer a residential property service that includes valuations and surveys of properties within 10 miles of Bromley, Kent.

We carry out many valuations of residential property for  probate   purposes.

We carry out   RICS Homebuyers report and valuation  which will highlight potential problems with the residential property and give you a valuation based on actual sale prices achieved, rather than proposed asking prices.
 If the survey points out structural or other problems, we can arrange for those to be investigated by the appropriate experts taking care of all the hassle for you.

We can also carry out  Building Surveys   a more exacting examination of the property through surveyors with whom we have a commercial relationship

We generally operate with the RICS Homebuyers report and our fee is approximately 0.1% of the purchase price, depending on the type pf property, with a minimum fee of £400 plus VAT. Building Surveys cost more. Please ask for a quote.


The continued increase in residential property prices means that leaseholders will pay more for their lease extensions as prices rise and the longer you leave doing this the more it will cost not only because the value of your flat has risen but also because your lease is shorter. Usually your lender will lend money to finance the lease extension as it increases the value of your property and thus improves their security.