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Property Acquisition


Many businesses need to move. Often the executives of the company are too busy to search as well as they need to if they are to acquire the best option available. Once you have briefed us as to your ideal new premises, we will take all the hard work out of the search. We will report back to you with a short list of likely commercial properties, arrange for you to view those you like and then negotiate the best possible terms for you.

If you have already found the commercial premises you need, then it is worthwhile employing us to negotiate the terms of the lease or purchase.  In particular, leasing a commercial property involves a great deal more than simply fixing the rent. Important issues include:


  • Length of term (with its associated stamp duty liability)
  • Rent review intervals
  • The exact terms of the rent review clause
  • Repairing liabilities
  • Insuring liabilities
  • Service charges
  • Dilapidations
  • Assignment and sub-letting rights
  • Break clauses
  • User rights
  • Rent free period

All these issues have a financial implication either now or at some time during the term of the lease. With a lifetime of negotiating experience at all levels, we will succeed in saving you money.


Distinct Services

We offer two distinct services

  • Search and find
  • Negotiation