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Lease Renewal


There is a great deal of important legislation governing how and when a commercial lease is renewed and what rights a tenant has to renew or a landlord has to regain possession. A false step can lose you your rights.

Good negotiation can save you a deal of money and a host of problems. With a lifetime of experience in the commercial lease renewal field, Peter Morgan will be able to help you and, if the matter ends up in court, as a practising arbitrator he will be well able to represent you.

One should not be afraid, particularly as a tenant, to take the landlord to court if the terms of renewal offered are poor.


Case Study

Morgans were instructed by a local business to act for them on a lease renewal. The were paying £18,000 pa and the landlord was proposing a new lease at more than £20,000 pa. After extensive negotiations a new lease was agreed at £15,000 pa and the frequency of rent reviews moved from three years to five years.